Antony Gormley: DOMAIN (SOLD OUT)

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art is delighted to announce the release of BALTIC Edition DOMAIN, created by the internationally acclaimed artist Antony Gormley.

DOMAIN is a reflection on the artist's iconic 2003 installation DOMAIN FIELD at BALTIC. This major installation, commissioned by BALTIC comprised of the 287 sculptures made of measurements from volunteers living in Newcastle and Gateshead. Installed in BALTIC’s Level 4 gallery the moulds were used to construct the individual ‘Domain’ sculptures by a process of welding steel elements together inside each mould.

The finished work was a sparkling myriad of stainless steel trajectories, giving the impression of a vast energy field made up of clusters, each defining the particular presence of a living inhabitant of Gateshead and Newcastle.

Gormley's DOMAIN etching conjures perfectly the atmosphere of this installation. This piece shows a collection of fragments: evoking the relationship between the space and the human body. This etching celebrates a work that had an enormous impact locally and internationally.

The print DOMAIN 2013 is a limited edition series of 100 prints which are signed and numbered by the artist.

This print is now completely sold out.