Ant Macari


A quaint work of piety (in memory of Joseph Crawhall II) 
Limited edition of 100

ON SALE NOW / £175 

The fourth print in the BALTIC Edition series is this exclusive woodcut: A quaint work of piety (in memory of Joseph Crawhall II) by Ant Macari.

A quaint work of piety (in memory of Joseph Crawhall II) is a single-leaf woodcut 'xylograph' comprising ten images from one block with red numbers from a second block. The images - both referenced and invented - show religious and cultural iconographic motifs that feature throughout Macari’s practice and can be read as an allegorical narrative pathway to the notion of sanctification. They also imply a secular parallel - of the contemporary artist as a latter day saint; the art world as the church; the museum as cathedral; the internet as a monastic network and art works as revered holy relics. Macari’s interests in the structures beneath religion have led him to examine how and what faith means, and to ask if our secular drive for spiritual meaning has made art a surrogate for religion.

In the spirit of Joseph Crawhall II, each vignette or 'tail piece' presents a symbolic aspect of a belief system, they range from the 250 BC Ouroboros of Alexandria to an ornamental shorthand for the concept of sacred geometry. In between these we find a radiant black cube: the Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia; a heraldic shield containing a pair of martyr’s hands and three quills; a Guivere cross featuring asps; an oppressive giant hand; a miraculous reliquary resembling an art crate; a rotting head with a halo of flies; a meditation on sanctification and tonsuring and the penultimate scene of an ascension to heaven.

A quaint work of piety (in memory of Joseph Crawhall II) is a limited edition series of 100, 2-colour xylograph on Fabriano Tiepolo (47.6 x 30cm), signed and numbered by the artist and retailing at £175.


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