Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is a downloadable radio or tv-style show in a single digital file. This file can be listened to or viewed on a computer or any device that will play an audio or video file, such as an iPod (hence the podcast).

I don't own an iPod, can I still listen to BALTIC Soundbites?

Yes - You can listen to the mp3 files on any kind of digital audio player or desktop audio application such as Windows Media Player or iTunes, both of which are free.

What about watching BALTIC Bites?

If your iPod or media device is not capable of playing video (or you dont own one!) you can still watch the video podcasts directly using iTunes or on any media player software that is capable of playing MP4 files, such as Quicktime, which is free. We recommend using Quicktime 7.1.3 or later to watch BALTICs video podcasts.

Are BALTIC's Podcasts free?

Yes, BALTIC's Podcasts are completely free to subscribe to.

How do I subscribe using iTunes?

iTunes users must be using version 4.9 or above to subscribe to audio Podcasts. Video podcast subscribers must use version 7 or above. A free upgrade is available to all users from the iTunes website.

For a one-click subscription to BALTIC's Podcasts, click the subscribe links on the main podcast page.

Alternatively, open iTunes, and from the ‘Advanced' drop down menu, select ‘Subscribe to Podcast'. Enter this address for audio podcasts. For video podcasts, please enter this address.

What if I don't use iTunes?

You don't have to use iTunes to subscribe to Podcasts. There are lots of other free aggregators available for both PC and Mac. A popular alternatives is Juice

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is a language format for sharing content over the web, such as news, mp3s, videos, blogs or links.

What if I want to listen to or view an episode, but I don't want to subscribe?

If you do not wish to subscribe to BALTIC's Podcast, yet would like to listen to or view individual episodes, the files are free to download on the main podcast page. You can also freely download individual episodes directly from the iTunes Music Store.

How do I download the individual episodes from the BALTIC website?

PC users: Right click your chosen download link and choose "Save Target As". Mac users: Hold the "Control" Key,and choose "Download Linked File"

I am having trouble downloading the video podcasts using Safari on the Mac. What can I do?

Make sure you are using the "Control and Click" method of downloading mentioned above. If the file downloads with the extension .mp4.txt please rename the file extension to .mp4 before playing the video.

Where can I find old podcasts?

BALTIC broadcasts a maximum of 10 podcasts per feed at any one time. BALTIC's Library and Archive website contains a wealth of audio files, videos and images - including archives of all previous podcasts.


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