Manifest exchange and ghost transference


Private View / Friday 25 April 2014 / 18.30-20.30
Exhibition continues until Thursday 1 May 2014
Wed – Sun 12.00 -18.00 / Thu 12.00 - 20.00

Manifest exchange and ghost transference is an exhibition that has emerged from an exchange between BxNU Master of Fine Art programme at the BxNU Institute of Contemporary Art, BALTIC 39, Newcastle and KungligaKonsthogskolan/Royal Institute of Art (KKH) in Stockholm.

Artists: Pablo Sacristan, Samuel Samantha Pfeiffer, Charlotta Smith, Emma Rolen, Hedda Viå, Louise Blad.

Six masters students from Sweden were invited to take part in a residency at BALTIC 39 during which time they would work towards an exhibition within the space but due to unforeseen circumstances only two students made it to Newcastle. Curiously, the works that transpired from the exchange students in Newcastle assumed a manifest form while those from absent colleagues in Sweden, in contrast, were deceptively ghostly.

Work by the two residents will engage visitors in an intervention of the exhibition itself, highlighting the value of exchange, and by a costume-specific performance. Works transferred by the absent students have emerged from a stream of messages and dialogues, finally finding the form of ephemeral screen imagery addressing eternal life in the longevity factor, a garment without a wearer juxtaposed with a mirror, and projected bodies in the worksometimes we imitate each other.

Where does the artist, artwork/experience begin/end? Who owns the work and where or how is it most present, in the making, the staging or the exhibition? In the absence of the artist, through death or other circumstances, what happens to the art and its field of semiotic possibilities? The artwork can be seen as a stand in for the real – or the work can be seen as more real than real.  Manifest exchange and ghost transference invites viewers to ponder these questions.

The exchange is a collaboration between KKH and Northumbria University, BALTIC 39 and BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, led by Senior Lecturer and artist Amanda Newall (KKH) BALTIC professor and artist Christine Borland and BALTIC curator of exhibitions & research, Alessandro Vincentelli. The initiative forms a part of a two-year project, with partial funding from KKH, Stockholm and support from the institutions through an ERASMUS partnership.



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