• Ben Jeans Houghton: Still Life

  • Maxy Bianco: Pig The Dog

  • Lyn Hagan: Tony and Angela

  • Andrew Coats: Stupid Cult

    Courtesy the artist and Channel 4

  • Michelle Fox: Zominic

  • Lesley Ann Rose: Spatulahead

    Courtesy the artist and Channel 4

  • Ian Cottage: Spin

    Courtesy the artist and Channel 4

  • Reuben Abraham The Somnambulist

    Courtesy the artist and Channel 4

  • Heather Phillipson: Splashy Phasings

    Courtesy the artist and Channel 4

  • Ed Carter: False Lights of Durham

    Courtesy the artist and Channel 4

Random Acts

Ten new short films commissioned by BALTIC in partnership with Northern Film & Media and Channel 4

25 October 2013 - 17 November 2013

In partnership with Northern Film & Media and Channel 4, BALTIC co-commissioned ten new Random Acts films. Random Acts is a short-form daily arts strand on Channel 4, which launched in 2011. It enables a diverse supply of both established artists and emerging talent to create their own films, which are chosen for their bold and creative expressions of creativity.

The ten films will be premiered in BALTIC’s Ground Floor gallery from 25 October and will be broadcast on Channel 4 this autumn.

Artists & filmmakers:
Reuben Jacob Abraham
Maxy Neil Bianco
Ed Carter
Andrew Coats
Ian Cottage
Michelle Fox
Lyn Hagan
Ben Jeans Houghton
Heather Phillipson
Lesley Ann Rose

A series of events will lluminate and complement the exhibition with the artists and filmmakers talking about their Random Acts projects. For full details click here

This exhibition contains content of an adult nature.
Please speak to a member of BALTIC Crew for further information. 


Additional Information

Reuben Jacob Abraham (Durham), The Somnambulists, presents various characters at night in Mumbai, India, each unconsciously playing their bit roles in this huge and lonely Gotham-like metropolis. This dusk-to-dawn video inspired by Reuben's memories of growing up in the city looks dark and brooding, but has a frenetic pace cut to progressive house music.

Maxy Neil Bianco (Hartlepool), Pig the Dog, follows a typical day in the lives of the two main characters - Dell, a raggy lad from the wrong side of the tracks, and his dog, Pig, a Staffordshire bull terrier with a special talent.

Ed Carter (Gateshead), The False Lights of Durham is inspired by the intriguing social and architectural history of the county's treacherous coastline, and the tale of unexplained lights that caused so many ships to wreck in the 1860s. The 'false lights' (which officials had controversially blamed on local fishing communities) ended with the construction of the region's electric lighthouses, and this piece draws its syncopated rhythms from the characters of those lighthouses when they were first illuminated.

Andrew Coats (Newcastle), Stupid Cult takes a peek behind the curtain of a very secret society. It’s night-time and an initiation for a mysterious cult is taking place with Ra-The Divine Blacksmith as the master of ceremonies.

Ian Cottage (Newcastle), Spin, a man overwhelmed by work, accidentally makes the world spin out of control. 

Michelle Fox (Newcastle), Zominic is a playful dark comedy about the perils of unconditional love. Proud new parents Rachel and Toby share the joys of having a bouncing zombie boy.

Lyn Hagan (Newcastle), Tony and Angela is an animation produced from drawings by a Mexican Mafia hit man called Tony who is currently on Death Row in San Quentin State Prison and is accompanied by a soundtrack composed of sentences taken from letters between Tony and a female Sheriff's Deputy, Angela, who brought him his meals. 

Ben Jeans Houghton (Newcastle), Still Life; A young man makes a person from mud only to find himself unsure of his actions faced with the responsibility of its life.

Heather Phillipson (London), Splashy Phasings; is a plunge into a wet universe, a slippery drama suggesting activities underwater. Intermixing the politics and erotics of water, its consumption, flow and sensations, Splashy Phasings digresses through tsunamis, swimming accoutrements and the body's internal chambers.

Lesley Ann Rose (Newcastle), Spatula head is a short, surreal, stop motion animation film about the misfortunes of a boy who irons his head flat.

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