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Sunday 15 February 2015 & Sunday 15 March 2015 / 14.00-16.00
£6 per session or £10 when booking two together
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Space to Think is an exciting opportunity to explore questions raised by artworks in this season’s exhibitions. Led by Grace Robinson, Community Philosopher at Thinking Space, this series of workshops encourages group discussion and debate in an informal setting.Thinking Space promotes philosophical dialogue and enquiry, by creating interesting and inclusive opportunities for people to talk and think together. You don't have to know much about art or philosophy to take part. Discussions arise naturally out of participants’ first responses, emerging ideas and personal interests.

Ticket price includes a hot drink and biscuits.

Sunday 15 February 2015: An interactive philosophical enquiry on influence and originality in art, using the ceramics of Jesse Wine.

What constitutes an original idea in art? Why value original ideas? Are there any? 
Can there be art free from artistic influences?
Are all influences in art legitimate?
What if anything, is wrong with plagiarism? 
Is an homage, copy, replica, forgery or fake art?

Saturday 15 March 2015: An interactive philosophical enquiry into creation and creativity, using The Creation Myth one of the installations that comprises Jason Rhoades, Four Roads.

Why do we create? How should we treat the objects of our creation? Are some acts of creation more meaningful or valuable than others? Is creativity simply the act of creating, or is it something more than that? Why do we revere creativity and creative people? Is Rhoades’ work creative? Does good art require creativity or can it do without it?


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